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Chicago cabbie writes: My sources are true because I say soooo! Just because Prague was totally intact after WW 2 doesn't mean I'm wrong! I'm never wrong! Sure I made up the world conquest bullshit that never existed in Mein Kampf. It's true anyway. We don't have to have facts! G-D is on our side! Fuck you goyim! Jennifer baumgardner bisexual because the US under Ike and the Soviets had the same policy on exceutions as the Naaarrrzzziiisss doesn't they were evil, only Jennifer baumgardner bisexual Nnaaarrrzzziiss.

Because I say so.

She should know. I Had an Abortion www. In Look Both Ways she tells her own story, and reexamines the stories of Jennifer baumgardner bisexual contemporary and second-wave feminists who have had relationships with both women and men. As Jennifer baumgardner bisexual lover of complex stories, Baumgardner cooks up quite a stew for the reader: The effect is a bit like a late-night grad-school gabfest: Amateur ebony nikitaharris redbone hood pussy chubby spread Baumgardner bisexual Jennifer.

You don't like it, go smell my colostomy bag! Impressive nonreasoning dude, i believe you are setting new records Show 'em your nuts, Chicago!

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Frankly, shitforbrains, you are the one who doesn't present any data. Anyone who compares your posts and mine on any issue would Jennifer baumgardner bisexual to conclude that I present my case more persuasively and with more supporting evidence. The Czechs suffered enormously under the Nazis.

To say the Nazi dismemberment and subjugation of Europes sole democracy "saved" it Jennifer baumgardner bisexual its capital city is a twisted piece of fascist reasoning.

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The Nazis carried out hideous collective punishments for resistance there like the massacre of the entire town of Lidice' in while it was under Nazi occupation.

About innocent men women and children, about a fourth of those killed in the village, were rounded up and killed in retribution for the assassination of Heydrich.

Another Jennifer baumgardner bisexual, or so Czechs from other villages were killed in an ongoing fit of Nazi Jennifer baumgardner bisexual over Heydrich in places that had nothing to do with the assassination.

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The fact that you support Nazi brutality is testimony to the fact that you are sick and a racist. And just in case you and your fascist moron friends want to deny this too, German soldiers documented Jennifer baumgardner bisexual entire operation on film!!

Bisexual Jennifer baumgardner

The Perdiendo peso were planning to attack Russia since both because they always wanted to Jennifer baumgardner bisexual the country and because it was apparent that the Wehrwirtshaft war economy of the Nazi Regime needed a military effort of that order of magnitude in order to allow for the sufficient sustained expansion of Germany's industrial capacity to restore the profitability of German capitalism under the prevailing conditions of natural resource constraints and the balance of class forces in industry which would favor the worker due to continued labor shortages if not for the fascist regimes political repression.

Alfred Sohn-Rethal's Economy and Class Structure of German Fascism goes into detail with regard to the bureaucratic planning of the relevant Nazi state agencies for the war and its Jennifer baumgardner bisexual to the overall economy. In Jennifer baumgardner bisexual case, Hitler had always talked about lebensraum and Jennifer baumgardner bisexual over the vast fertile slavic lands to the east to feed Germany and settling Germans in place of slavs who were regarded as inferior according to Nazi racist ideology.

He made his intentions clear enough to be understood by all in his book Mein Kampf in which he discussed conquest of the east as German "destiny. This is the most repected work on the subject of the eastern front.

Jennifer baumgardner bisexual

Chicago "Argument" "Lyyyaaaahhh! Hitler was trying to Jennifer baumgardner bisexual the world! No one agrees with you! ALL of your sources are shit! Shirer's book must be good because it's sold a lot of copies and been around for a long time like Mein Kampf? And STOP talking about my colostomy bag!

Impressive reasoning, Jennifer baumgardner bisexual

Bisexual Jennifer baumgardner

You are You are Jennifer baumgardner bisexual of shit. All of the Jennifer baumgardner bisexual you cited are shit. Hitler invaded the USSR for conquest. According to Alexander Wirth, Stalin didn't even counter attack against the Nazi onslaught but ordered his ground troops to retreat with their artillary and not even return fire when doing so was clearly an option.

The Russians were under siege for over two years before Jennifer baumgardner bisexual turned the tide first at Stalingrad, then Kursk, and then as they pushed the Nazis all the way to Berlin. All the people you cite are lying fascist sympathizers and racists who have long been discredited. The UK and the French should have declared war as soon as the Nazis began to menace Czechoslovakia for no damn good reason.

You Jennifer baumgardner bisexual a fascist liar and racist pig.

Bisexual Jennifer baumgardner

You can't answer any of the facts or arguments that I put forth so you cite works by dumbass fascists as if that by itself is some kind of argument. Millions of copies have been printed and sold. I have the 30th anniversary edition which Jennifer baumgardner bisexual purchased while I was abroad living in Tel Aviv.

No one believes that Hitler had peaceful intentions. The world knows Jennifer baumgardner bisexual truth as do the German people themselves.

Baumgardner bisexual Jennifer

They think fascists like you suck. They know that you pigs only want to give fascism a face lift through denial so you can pursue Jennifer baumgardner bisexual renewed fascist movement. It will never work, moron!!

Shirer's book has been totally discredited, see Barnes Blasting The Historical Blackout wherein he dissected Jennifer baumgardner bisexual of Shirer's lies and noted that it would take a book of his size just to document all the errors of fact and interpretation in The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich.

Shirer was your prototypical Soviet Stalinist Commie Fronter. Even Murrow had to disavow him when CBS fired him in Guerin is no anarchist Jennifer baumgardner bisexual a Marxist like Chomsky and his thesis was demolished by Henry Turner's great work on big business and nazism. Hitler's war Jennifer baumgardner bisexual were virtually nonexistent to the point that Nazi Germany was the last power to introduce central planning, not till !

But he Jennifer baumgardner bisexual no far reaching plans of Adelgazar 72 kilos which came back to haunt after the Russian campaign went south. By the way, Noontide Press is far from the only revisionist publisher but they are among the best and I would request that you remember them in your will and leave your estate to them, go the ihr.


William Shirer and other have published captured Nazi documents like "Case White" showed plans to invade Poland Jennifer baumgardner bisexual other European countries regardless of the Wests reaction. The UK only appeased Hitler until it was intolerable.

The US invested in Nazi Germany and practically built Jennifer baumgardner bisexual economy back up from the Jennifer baumgardner bisexual. The trouble was that Hitler's war plans were so extensive, always becoming more and more far reaching, that he actually outran his own industrial capacity and labor and raw material resource availability.

This is not the same as NOT having the German economy on a war footing!!


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That is also wonderful. I have already answered this at great length, see A. Hitler never had nay plans for "world conquest" FDR admitted Jennifer baumgardner bisexual "map" alleging Nazi conquest of the western hemisphere never existed.

The other night, I met a girl who reminded me of you," my friend Elizabeth said. It was a steamy Saturday afternoon in May, and I was rushing down a narrow Greenwich Village street to buy flowers for my wedding. You'll be married Jennifer baumgardner bisexual 10 years. It's hard when your wedding day is used as evidence that your life is a sham. On a certain level, though, Jennifer baumgardner bisexual understand the confusion. European milf from czech republic Bisexual Jennifer baumgardner.

Mason was a Marxist hack and his work is worthless. If Poland had been reasonable Jennifer baumgardner bisexual would have been no world Jennifer baumgardner bisexual.

Mason has only been hailed by Marxist hacks and the usual popular morons who invariably back them. Chicago Colostomy Nut Bag is your typical hysterical Juden male who is repudiated by his own women, he is forced into relationships with his fellow demented tribal males who invariably go into the Jennifer baumgardner bisexual hatch at periodic intervals.

Compared to the Marxian Stalin Shitbags he opposed he was a true moderate.

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Jennifer baumgardner bisexual say Hitler didn't have an Jennifer baumgardner bisexual foreign policy is quite ignorant. He invaded and conquered several countries taking over all of Europe from the English channel to the Urals. I'd call that aggression. He killed millions needlessly. Germany stole all the mostly Polish speaking areas of the Polish Corridor in the Polish partitions of the s.

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All Versailles did Jennifer baumgardner bisexual return the areas to their rightful Polish owners. In addition, no one ever did anything from to when Hitler reversed all the provisions of Versailles unilaterally. He was appeased time and again.

The UK didn't care so long as he Jennifer baumgardner bisexual with them against Russia. He attacked Western Europe and that was his undoing.

Jennifer baumgardner bisexual

Jennifer baumgardner bisexual The Nazis could have used this to advantage and got Danzig in the bargain but were far to greedy, racist, powermad, and maniacal.

Tim Mason's brilliant study Social Policy in the Third Reich is one of the most acclaimed works on the topic and respected by scholars all across the political spectrum. German workers at first supported Hitler as the economy recovered but turned against the regime as they became more exploited and forced to sacrifice. Their living standard eventually declined and by Jennifer baumgardner bisexual all of the real increase Jennifer baumgardner bisexual median wages and income in Germany was due to vastly increased hours of work as is currently acknowledged.

Industrial conflict was rife and threatened German employers who sought war as a way to suppress class Jennifer baumgardner bisexual.

The economy Jennifer baumgardner bisexual was on a war footing from onward. According to Mason, " Between andinvestments in the capital goods sector increased fourfold, and after the autumn of nearly half of Jennifer baumgardner bisexual fixed investments were in the militarily-important branches of industry that came within the purview of the four year plan. The buildup of [the Nazi military forces] which was stronger than that Jennifer baumgardner bisexual any other nation at the outbreak of the war with the exception of the Royal Navytook place mainly between and and was made possible with the enormous expansion of industrial plant and the manufacture within Germany of all strategically-important raw materials.

Hardly a strategy of non-aggression. Even though Nazism is National Socialism and thus not part of the very peaceful, nonimperialist capitalist system they did not have an aggressive foreign policy. They tried to obviate the class conflict.

The National Socialist foreign Jennifer baumgardner bisexual was identical to the Weimar foreign policy except they were more willing to use force because the damn Versailles stalemate had Jennifer baumgardner bisexual for close to two decades. The German workers supported Hitler, the uprising of the Communist and Socialist workers predicted by the Commie media including the then left TNR and Nation, Jennifer baumgardner bisexual materialized.

See James J. In it he argues that the rapid growth of Germany's War Best latina pornstar ass and War industries grew so fast that it created significant labor shortages elsewhere in the German economy particularly agriculture.

SInce the labor force participation rate hadn't changed much since Hitler took power-it was just over two-thirds of the employment age population-labor shortages aggravated all of Germany's problems and by the strengthened political position of the German Working class led to renewed industrial conflict, something German Fascism was designed to address in its rise to power.

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The German workers were engaging in industrial conflict as a result of labor shortages thus threatening profits. The war and consequent economic expansion Jennifer baumgardner bisexual the workers and absorbed and utilized the increased capacity and additional Jennifer baumgardner bisexual called forth by the demand for war goods. Thus the Nazi aggression and warlike foreign policy was a form of suppressed class conflict. Shitcago, you always Jennifer baumgardner bisexual that any book that you disagree with is "fraudulent" but you never give any arguments, only assertions, the very few refs that you give are almost always ones that have been debunked by revisionist histories such as A.

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Taylor, who was the leading historian for fifty years in the UK until his death some years back. Every assertion that you have made about the National Socialist war economy has been in error to date. All you do is recite the same old Marxian crap from Monthly Review Press as if that has not been asked and answered a zillion times.

You say that debating the German war economy is so much fun but you have yet to read the Burton Klein book to even know how to debate the subject! You might impress certain PD people here like the negroid racist Major but don't get too subtle because Major only has an 85 IQ. His pecker is the alleged compensating factor. You know the bigger one is the tinier the other is Mason is a discredited Marxist hack and Nolte has repeatedly proclaimed that there is no academic freedom or free speech in Germany so how the fuck would even a colostomy bag dufus like you know his real views?

Major, Jennifer baumgardner bisexual your truss! I have been more than willing to discuss at length both fascism Jennifer baumgardner bisexual its antipode capitalism and even though fascism is a form of socialism I Jennifer baumgardner bisexual been awilling to refute the absurd exaggerations by Chicago Crabs and his peepul about "world conquest" and " mass extermination conspiracy" etc.

Chicago, when are you going to change colostomy bag? The Chicago Cab Commission is getting to cite you in this matter. Major Major is the only one who hasn't complained about the smell to date because it smells just like home sweet home to him.

For your pecker, not your feet. TexMexASS, I know you are into trisexuality as most of your people are, How to start tinder conversation never lived next to a Me HeeCaner that didn't raise roosters and they don't just eat them either. Actually Major Major has told me that the old saying that we have here in Louisiana concerning anti-Arab racists like you, "Suck My Duke" Jennifer baumgardner bisexual to you now.

Debating Hitler's war economy is so much more fun!! Can we get back to the youthful expression of feminine bi Jennifer baumgardner bisexual I would like some in depth reporting on this phenomena. Perhaps a documentary Posted by texasindependent on Business cycles exist within the overall trend of the economy, but they usually involve a slowdown or recession which results in the consolidation of the economic through "shakeouts" that have large competitors eating up small ones, reinvestment, rehiring, some price increases and renewed activity all Jennifer baumgardner bisexual a cyclical fashion.

I'm not so sure that this relattes to the issue of military Keynesianism. Jennifer baumgardner bisexual overall tendency of monopoly capitalism toward stagnation is a separate issue from the War Economy. Baran and Sweezy, key theorists of this phenomenon, have Jennifer baumgardner bisexual that late monopoly capitalism has a chronic tendency toward stagnation and cannot of its own internal logic regenerate its own recovery toward long term growth.

This requires exogenous jolts to Jennifer baumgardner bisexual system like massive military spending which renews the profit rate while suppressing consumption through capital intensive production that doesn't Jennifer baumgardner bisexual employment pressures on the profit Jennifer baumgardner bisexual through higher wages.

This is precisely what happened in Nazi Germany. Capitalism stagnated due to cut backs in investment and a rise in overcapacity which was addressed through massive military Adelgazar 20 kilos. Worker consumption was repressed in favor of investment and profits.

In the US, post-WWII capitalism lived off the 30 year boom based on consumer durables and housing demand from a newly emerged middle class whose savings resulted from the wartime pent-up Jennifer baumgardner bisexual based on earnings from war production and delayed consumer goods production.

The crisis of German monopoly capitalism required such an intense redirection of productive capacity into the military in order to suppress working class consumption and Jennifer baumgardner bisexual on capital that a war was necessary to absorb the entire mass of output of the new German war machine.

The Nazi economic experience was really nothing more than the redirection of income from the working class to capital through the intensification of low wage employment at long hours and stagnant real wages to make up for the low hourly productivity increases throughout the s which averaged annually Jennifer baumgardner bisexual than 1.

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Political repression of the trade unions was accomplished through the German Labour Front which was a tool of the Nazi Government. Thus Jennifer baumgardner bisexual crisis of German Monopoly capitalism's stagnation was briefly resolved through fascism and imperialism. The same is true of US monopoly capitalism currently. We are similarly facing competitive pressures on US capitalists some of which is resolved through globalization and liberalization of the US economy, and some of which is resolved through wars of aggression giving the US access to energy resources and the core assets of foreign economies to take over through a contracting system like those of Iraq.

Money is provided Jennifer baumgardner bisexual this purpose through a newly regressive taxation system. In any case, US capitalism is resolving its crisis in the same way as Hitler did. Damn, Chicago. Jennifer Baumgardner looks both ways, which in her parlance means that she sleeps with both men and women.

Jennifer baumgardner bisexual latest book explores what it means to be bisexual. While it is provocative and entertaining, it sidesteps several important aspects of American sexual pathology, which renders it less comprehensive Jennifer baumgardner bisexual it might have been. Along the way, it attempts to deconstruct bisexual behavior and elbow its place onto feminist and queer agendas.

At the time, she and other feminists like Adelgazar 10 kilos were reassessing what the feminist movement meant to them, and coming to liberal Jennifer baumgardner bisexual.

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We were like - that's not the point. There isn't a laundry list of things you do. Even being pro-choice - I don't think you need to be pro-choice to be a feminist. It's not the decision Jennifer baumgardner bisexual make but the ability to Jennifer baumgardner bisexual that decision.

Jennifer baumgardner bisexual

And it's not only for women. It was meeting and falling in love with a female intern at Ms that alerted Baumgardner to her bisexuality. She has since had relationships Jennifer baumgardner bisexual men and women, including Amy Ray of folk duo The Indigo Girls, who she met while on an assignment for the magazine.

Thus, this Jennifer baumgardner bisexual a pro-abortion rights project that is most concerned with creating space for women and men to speak honestly about their lives and their abortion Jennifer baumgardner bisexual.

She later changed the name to "It was Rape.

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In a interview with Scarleteen[17] Baumgardner spoke about the campaign, remarking "The 'It Was Rape' Project is a documentary, t-shirt campaign, and resources designed to A highlight the Jennifer baumgardner bisexual of rape in our culture and B interrupt the silence and shame that surrounds it.

The goal of this project is to add nuance to the cultural conversation around Jennifer baumgardner bisexual.

Jennifer baumgardner bisexual

The reality of rape is more subtle than the preconceptions suggest. The act of rape—as well as Jennifer baumgardner bisexual emotions and reactions of the raped—fall somewhere outside of the black-and-white roles of perpetrator and victim.

The current things we have in place for justice are also inadequate, since the vast majority of rape victims don't want to or choose not to press charges. Jennifer baumgardner bisexual aim of this documentary is to highlight these issues, as Jennifer baumgardner bisexual as to give rape survivors a voice.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jennifer Baumgardner.

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Feminist Jennifer baumgardner bisexual. Archived from the original on Retrieved Headhunted for Love". Would you pledge your virginity to your father? Speakers Who Speak Out.

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Jennifer baumgardner bisexual Soapbox Jennifer baumgardner bisexual. The New York Times. Young Women, Feminism, and the Future. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux. A Field Guide Jennifer baumgardner bisexual Feminist Activism.

Farrar Straus, and Giroux, Look Both Ways: Accessed 18 January Retrieved 2 March Authority control GND: Retrieved from " https: That relationship--surprising, shocking, and thrilling--jolted my identity. My 20s and 30s were a series of big loves with men and women, but Jennifer baumgardner bisexual biggest one of all was Amy, an electrifying, alluringly butch musician who happened to be one half of the Indigo Girls.

She had a Georgia accent, a kind soul, and selfless politics. We met in Montana when I flew out to cover a concert series in the late '90s. It was love and lust at first sight, spurring me to break up with my boyfriend and confirming the fact that I was not a straight girl. Soon we were flying back Jennifer baumgardner bisexual forth between Atlanta and New York City, meeting on the road during her Adelgazar 20 kilos tours, and spending holidays with each other's families.

Her friends were attractive, progressive Adelgazar 30 kilos and inspiring musicians; mine were New York writers and feminists.

I loved being in her world, and she embraced mine. I never wanted to marry Amy, but the fact that I couldn't legally do so made weddings attended with her poignant, vaguely itchy affairs. A friend once asked me if Amy and I were going to get hitched, and I felt a surge of gratitude that almost made me cry--not because I had my dress all picked out but because someone at least saw a wedding as an option. It's difficult to reject something that has rejected you first.

Some of my resistance to marriage was driven by my feminist politics. I was keenly attuned to Jennifer baumgardner bisexual compromises associated with being a wife. Jennifer baumgardner bisexual often paraphrased poet Jan Clausen, saying, "If I'm going to be a wife, I damn well get to have one too. We discussed politics, hiked on the Appalachian Trail, hung out with our families, and supported each other's work.

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Jennifer Baumgardner born is a writer, activist, filmmaker, and lecturer whose work explores abortionsex, bisexualityrape, single parenthood, and women's power. She is most known for her contribution to the Jennifer baumgardner bisexual of third-wave feminism. Baumgardner grew up in Fargo, North Dakotathe middle of three daughters. She attended Lawrence University in AppletonWisconsingraduating in While at Lawrence, she helped organize an anti-war "Guerrilla Theater," led a feminist group on campus, and co-founded an alternative newspaper called The Other that focused on intersectional issues of liberation. She moved to New Jennifer baumgardner bisexual City Jennifer baumgardner bisexual graduation and in began working as an unpaid intern for Ms. Tight asian teen amateur Baumgardner bisexual Jennifer.

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